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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lost Not Found !!


Hai bloggers .. well , hurm .. apa perasaan korang bila barang berharga korang hilang ? confirm for sure korang panik mencari kan ? macam tue la yg dialami masa nak pergi balik makanan .. my money about RM50 LOST NOT FOUND !!

memang shit la sapa yg amik ! astaghfirullah ~ .. this is not the first time .. its second time .. RM50 jgak ok ! yg tue , abg eri aku bg then suddenly esok tue lpas abg aku bg , its GONE ! kejadian ni bkan aku sorang alami ... housemates aku pun alami bnda yg sama .. well , yg second time ni .. aku taktawu la .. seriously aku terkejut .. sgt sgt terkejut ... sbb ianya GHAIB tiba tiba .. mula mula , aku bangun .. i'm checking my purse then i've found dat money RM50 n RM10 was there .. after one hour i woke up , my housemate asked me to follow going downstair buying a food .. when i opened my purse , i've found just had RM10 only .. dat RM50 GONE !! errgghh .. i was so shocked n panic .. then i SMS my dad to call-me-back n i said i wanna talked to mum .. after few mnute my dad replied by saying my mum going to market with my sister , then i SMS my sister .. asked her if mum with her , please call-me-back ... she called me .. then i spoke to mum .. i told her what had happened .. she was so suprising me n get mad ! she swear whoever took dat money , will not save in world . ! never .. i just silent when she babling at me .. what can i say ? i was so suprised when that happened .. it was so suprising .. "Oh,mum!please dont blame me..i really had no idea how dat can happen..seriously mother!" while my mum gave some SPEECH to me .. i was cried .. because .. when that PERSON took my money , YOU put my dad on trouble !! thanx because troubling people life .. just remembered .. what comes around goes aroud !! meet soon ..
wassalam ~

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